Happy (Insert Your Favorite Celebration Here)!!

I'm so excited that I could take a cruise to celebrate--and what do you know, I am! LOL! Coincidentally, but it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. In about a month, I'll be sailing around Alaska and I cannot wait to finally cross it off my bucket list.

In all seriousness (but not really!), cruising is a really fantastic way to celebrate life's greatest, but also simplest, milestones. One of my clients is actually using her 2020 family cruise as an incentive to her son to finish potty training. Here's a couple celebrations you might consider taking to sea in the future:

1. Birthday- The above picture of me is from my birthday cruise last year. It was a totally last minute decision, but ended up being so worth it and so much fun with the amazing crew I was with. Cruising is already a great feeling, and that feeling is so heightened when it's on your special day.

2. Wedding/Anniversary- One of the very first group cruises that I planned was a wedding cruise. This is a great way to save some money while maximizing the celebration. You will be spending smarter, not harder, with a wedding or anniversary package at sea, compared to the ridiculous land-side pricing lists at event venues. Not only are more people taking the commitment ceremonies out to sea, but also taking the bachelors/bachelorettes to sea as well.

3. Retirement- A wonderful way to celebrate such an incredible accomplishment, and even better to be flocked by your closest loved ones. Again, another way to maximize your money vs celebrating on land.

4. Graduation- More and more senior classes are celebrating their upcoming graduation by taking a cruise. It's a wonderful and fun way to take in some last minute high school bonding and camaraderie before heading onto the next great chapter.

5. Family Reunion- Or a friend reunion, or a college/association reunion--the possibilities are endless with this one. Imagine cruising with your crazy family--it's less chaotic than you think :) Drop the kids off at their clubs, head up to the spa to take a few minutes to relax at the thermal suite, all while your parents enjoy a game of bridge or shuffleboard.

Did I miss a celebration you had in mind? Maybe an end of semester cruise, the kids have moved out cruise, cruise before the kid is born--there are so many possibilities and nothing is too big or too small to celebrate on the waves. If you're thinking of an upcoming celebration that you'd like to take to sea, let's chat on a complimentary consultation call.

Happy Travels!


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