Ever dream of a cruise where you don't get nickel and dimed?

Welcome to our monthly Showdown Edition, but I wanted to do something a little different. This month I wanted to dedicate to a unicorn of a travel segment--all inclusive cruising (yes it does exist!). There are some luxury cruise ships that are more inclusive than others, but what a dream it would be to not have to pay for gratuities, excursions, specialty dining, transfers, etc. because it is all ALREADY included in your price. Anyone else thinking--pick me, pick me!

Best for:

1. Most bang for your buck!- If you're wanting to maximize your dollar and not be bombarded with all the onboard extras (apart from incidentals), then you are ready to sail luxury

2. Personalized service- And I'm talking about ultra-personalized aka a one to one ratio and/or butler service. We're talking country club atmosphere where the crew aboard is trained top-notch to anticipate your every need.

3. Hand picked global destinations- Because of this, your cruise not only includes visits to smaller and more intimate ports, but you will likely be visiting world treasures such as UNESCO sites with personal guides on included immersive experiences.

Not yet ready:

1. Families with young children- These ships typically do not have any kid's clubs or activities for the younger sailors. One day they'll be ready, though.

2. Party aficionados- On an all inclusive luxury cruise, the destinations are the "party". If you love lively onboard activities and dancing the night away, it's best to keep your party animal on a premium cruise.

3. Budget conscious- Luxury does mean different things to different people. If you are not apt to spend extra on quality experiences at home, this cruise may not be for you yet.

So which sounds more like you? Let me know if you think you're more inclined to try luxury all inclusive cruising, or if you're not yet ready and still want to travel on your favorite premium line.

Happy Travels!


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