It's okay if you don't have a guard dog!

Now I can't even imagine if something like that had happened to me while I was traveling! As I was recounting my above dilemma to my aunt and uncle, they were telling me that over the years, that's why they had started shutting off the water in the house before heading on some travels. That's just one of the helpful tips that you can use to help guard your home while away. I have a few more tips that I always try to remember before heading out. While I can't make any guarantees, I'm hoping you're able to implement one of these tips before your next trip.

1. Home Monitoring System: One of the reasons I like having a home monitoring system is, not only do I know someone will be alerted if something happens, but also because home alarms can be a deterrent to anyone trying to be up to no good around my property

2. Friends and Family: I always designate a friend or family member to keep an eye on my home, while I'm gone. I usually have them pick up mail or packages. While they are here, they can not only keep an eye on the home, but also show any potential bad guys that there is someone still around.

3. Mail Service: You don't want to let your mail accumulate while you are gone--it's a textbook red flag letting people know you are gone. You can go to your local post office to put your mail on hold while you are out. Additionally, you can coordinate with a service like UPS, to have them deliver to one of their hubs, so you can pick up upon return.

4. Sensor Light: Now I haven't personally utilized this one, but I remember my dad would always set one of these up before we left on vacation. He put a timer on a lamp that would be visible from a front room, and have the timer turn on the lamp during the evenings to trick outsiders to think we were home. I know some people who have motion detector lights on the perimeter of their home also.

5. Electrical: Similar to the plumbing/water example, I unplug major appliances as a precaution to protect the home from any possible danger.

6. Social Media: Social media is a blessing and a curse. I know it's hard to stay off social media and post your amazing trip photos while you're away. While the best guard is to completely stay off social media, I know many of you won't be able to keep up to it :) Totally ok, because I can't stay off either, as I love to share! If you don't already have a private account, I would recommend to make your account private while you're away. This helps avoid advertising to the world "Hey! No one's at my house right now. Feel free to rob me."

So how many on that list do you currently make sure to check off your preparations list? Is there something you always do before you leave to try and keep your home a fortress? Let me know because you can never be too cautious!

Happy Travels!


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