Which river will win??

It's another SHOWDOWN!! I'm diving into the world of river cruises and comparing two of the most popular rivers to cruise down in Europe--the Rhine and the Danube. Ready to see which wins?

Cruises on the Rhine River typically travel through Switzerland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

What you'll experience:

1. Castles- There are so many beautiful castles strewn out among the Rhine

Gorge, that it makes for a magnificent cruising experience.

2. Notre Dame Cathedral- Despite the large fire last month, Notre Dame will

always be revered as a great landmark to human history.

3. Kolsch Beer and Rudesheimer Coffee- One of my favorite parts of travel are

experiencing the different cuisines of "new" places. Kolsch beer is only

made in Cologne, Germany, so that will definitely be a treat. As well

Rudesheimer coffee which is traditionally created with brandy, coffee, and

whipped cream.

Cruises on the Danube River typically travel through Hungary, Austria, and Germany.

What you'll experience:

1. WWII Historical Sites- Not only are there multiple museums and historical

sites throughout this region, there are also many facets of architecture that

unfortunately differentiate historical buildings as pre- and post- the war era.

2. Illuminations Cruise- Probably one of my most favorite experiences on my

first river cruise! This "scenic cruising" will happen at nighttime in Budapest,

where you'll be able to see all the magnificent buildings glow.

3. Tastes of Bavaria- Beer, sausages, pretzels, and gingerbread--oh my! So

many delectable treats and the best thing of all--they bring them to you

onboard a river cruise.

This is a really tough decision to make, as I've never been to the Rhine and I loved my Danube cruise so much. Both areas are so rich with culture, that I don't believe you'll be "losing" by picking either one. I have to go back to this very question I asked a seasoned river cruiser, who said that her favorite between both rivers is the Rhine because of the wondrous scenic cruising that you can experience compared to the Danube. For that reason, I will make the Rhine the winner of this showdown!

Have you ever sailed on the Rhine River? Please tell me your thoughts! I'm hoping I can go on a river cruise in the next 2 years to experience it in person. Until then-- "see" you next week!

Happy Travels!


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