Showdown! Contemporary vs Premium, which will win?

For this month's Showdown, I wanted to showcase what some of the differences between Contemporary and Premium Cruising. I feel that part of my job is educating you, my amazing clients, on different options in the travel world, you may not have previously heard of. There are definitely more than just 4-5 main options in cruising out there, and maybe next time you'll be interested in taking your adventure to the next level. So let's get started with this showdown!

On a Contemporary cruise, you sail with cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Lines (even though Norwegian and Royal Caribbean are seriously stepping up their luxury game).

Best for:

1. Sun and Fun- People who are looking for all sorts of fun sun-bathing, snorkeling, and water sports opportunities

2. Quick Getaway- "I just need to get away for the weekend. Rita, can you tell me what options are available?"

3. Starter Groups- You want to get a group of family and friends together, but don't know who will come

On a Premium cruise, you sail with cruise lines such as Celebrity, Holland America, and Windstar Cruise Lines.

Best for:

1. Enriching Experiences- Whether it's a VIP experience or getting immersed in your destination's history and culture, this cruiser is looking to travel deeper.

2. Longer Getaway- On the premium lines, not only is it common to have longer sailings (10 nights+), but you also spend a longer time in port, with some offering overnights.

3. Groups with Larger Followings- You want to put a group cruise together for your weekly crafting group, corporate retreat, or yoga friends (just to name a few ideas)

This is a totally brief overview of the differences between contemporary and premium cruises. One size does not fit all--even between the two categories. This is one of the reasons why you have chosen to work with me, most likely unbeknownst to you :) I am your cruise matchmaker, pairing you and your group's needs and desires with the right cruise line.

But for me personally, the premium lines are going to win this showdown, just because I feel like I have graduated to a more personal travel experience. Will I still cruise on the contemporary lines--of course! Can't keep me away from Guy's Burger Joint! But you will also be finding me exploring more of the premium lines because I'm at the stage where I want more enriching experiences when I'm cruising.

How about you? Are you more contemporary, or are you ready to try premium? I heard a really great quote at a recent training "Cruising is like drinking wine; the older you get the pickier your palate becomes." I know this certainly applies for me, but does it apply for you too?

Happy Travels,


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