Travel without these--you bet I won't!

Do you have any must-have items that you always take with you when traveling? Here's a quick listing of some of the things I always pack/bring with me on a trip. Hopefully they can spark and idea or two for how to make your like a little less stressful while abroad.

1. Packing cubes- I discovered packing cubes a few years ago from a Disney Cruise fish extender group. They have completely changed my packing ways, by helping me stay much more organized and put together. They are zippered cube pouches that you can pack your clothing in and help them from randomly moving around in your luggage. One way it helps me stay organized is by putting different items in different cubes. For example: if I'm looking for shorts, I look in the cube that I put bottoms in.

2. Packable hamper- Also another take-away from a Disney cruise. Last year, as part of my fish extender group, I was gifted this awesome packable/foldable hamper. Previously, I just used a laundry bag to keep dirty clothes together, but now I take this hamper with me everywhere. It helps keeps my dirty clothes organized, so at the end of the trip, I can pack them back up in my packing cubes.

3. Lots of organization- Noticing a trend here? I'm not saying by any means that you need to purchase all of these things, but I just want to share some things that help me stay on some sort of a regimen while I'm on vacation. I use a bunch of Thirty One products--other than my ebags packing cubes, all my organizers are from Thirty One. I use a hanging traveler bag to put all my toiletries in, a rectangle pouch for all my medicinal items, a smaller rectangle pouch for my make-up items and so forth. (I'll be posting a video on my YouTube channel for some visuals in a few weeks)

4. Essential oils- I have so many essential oils, but I try to limit what I take with me while I'm traveling. I do use doTerra brands, so I apologize if you don't recognize the names of some of the blends. Again, please remember to consult with your doctor before use. Some of my go-tos that always come with me are OnGuard (immunity blend), lavender (to help keep my nerves at ease and soothe any irritations), and peppermint (to help in case of tummy issues, as well as to relieve pain).

Do you have a travel hack you always bring with you when you travel? Please do tell, as I love hearing of new hacks that can make things easier while aboard.

Happy Travels,


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