Is this on your bucket list too?? (Part 2)

I hoped you enjoyed reading part 1 of travel to southern Africa last week. So much great information right? This second half has a lot of practical information of things to put in your back pocket.

What are some of your favorite experiences?

Ahh, plenty, where do I even start. I mean, you cannot get enough. When you see everyone’s social media, you see the beautiful sunset and you already miss it. The wildlife experiences are the most unforgettable. Getting to see them up close and personal in your vehicle is just spectacular.

Are there photographers on site at all?

We do not have them on site, but we do offer a someone that will provide everything to capture you experiencing everything. You will have a photo host in addition to your professional guide.

What is the ideal length of time to get immersed in a full experience of southern Africa?

You’re looking at about 2 weeks. You can start off in Botswana on safari, head to Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls, and then head to South Africa to visit the wine lands in Cape Town. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and from Table Mountain, you can see it all. From there, you will head to Johannesburg to return back home. Johannesburg is the gateway in South Africa.

For someone coming from the States to southern Africa—what is something they should not forget to bring with them?

Don’t forget your sunscreen, especially during summer time. Most of the camps do provide bug spray, as well as mosquito nets in your room. Bug spray will be provided everywhere regardless if you’re going on safari by truck or boat. Also bring your hat and sunglasses—do not forget them. We advise clients to see their doctor for the vaccines also, however we’ve never had any recent cases of malaria in the southern part of Africa.

Do you need any visas to enter southern Africa?

For Americans, you will only need one to enter Zimbabwe and Zambia, and you get it upon point of entry. This visa is called the Kaza Visa and is $50 USD to enter the countries unlimited. You don’t have to apply for it before you leave; we just walk up to get you sorted. Depending on what the client would like to do, we advise to start in Zimbabwe and Zambia, because once you leave to Botswana, you cannot get re-entry back.

What kinds of currencies do visitors need to bring?

In Botswana and Zimbabwe, I would recommend using your card. In Zimbabwe, though, cash is more preferred. Regardless, it is important to have cash—that is what you will need to pay for your visa. Generally using US dollars is not a problem, though. In South Africa, however, you will need to change currency to rand, but in the other countries they are used to getting paid in USD, especially for gratuities.

What type of clothing is advisable to wear?

It depends with the destination. When you go on safari, we advise people not to wear their brightest clothes (because it can agitate the animals). Dress code isn’t much of a big deal on safari. With regards to dining, you don’t need to be all dressed up, but you do want to pack one formal outfit (for a formal evening in the city). Country club casual is a good rule of thumb.

Regarding physical activity, is there something for everyone to do?

Oh yes, we accommodate on various things such as dietary needs. If someone has restrictions with mobility, we can make sure to have their room closer to the main area. We also have many clients who are restricted to a wheelchair and we can accommodate that from the safari, to the city, and Victoria Falls.

What is something memorable that someone can bring back from southern Africa?

Oh, the memories and images will play a formidable part. You can always look back on the pictures and recall your experiences. The thing is, you need to get there. The first-hand experience will never go away; no one can ever take that from you. It will never get off you.

So who's ready to take a trip to southern Africa?? I know I have been for years! I'm hoping to finally make it over within the next 2 years. If you're interested in coming with or possibly joining a group to head over, please comment below :)

Happy Travels!


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