Showdown! Ocean or River, which will win?

For this month's Showdown, I wanted to showcase the best of both ocean and river cruises. Will the cruise that takes you TO countries, beat out the cruise that takes you THROUGH one? Let's take a look!

On an Ocean cruise, you sail through big bodies of water like Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The amount of sailors onboard can range from 600-6000+.

Favorite Features:

1. Onboard Areas- More ship tonnage means more space for public areas (escape rooms, skating rinks, race cars, and conference centers for larger groups)

2. Grand Stage Entertainment- Ocean ships also have larger stage areas where Broadway and Broadway-style productions are able to be performed, as well as typical onboard entertainment such as magicians and comedians

3. Extensive Eating and Shopping Venues- So many places to eat and shop aboard an ocean cruise ship because of the extra square footage. I love having the choices because no matter what your mood is, you can find something aboard to indulge your cravings.

On a River cruise, you sail on just that--a river such as the Mississippi, Danube, or Chobe. The amount of sailors onboard usually maxes out between 150-200.

Favorite Features:

1. Personalized Service- Because there is a smaller amount of passengers aboard, the crew is able to get to know you so much better and cater to your needs

2. Closer to City Centers- Many city centers were built close to the river as a means to increase commerce and trade--for you, this means you're not traveling an hour or more to get to your desired destination

3. Excursions included- At least one excursion is included with river cruises, making it a more inclusive product than ocean cruising

Now what stands out the most to me, other than little to no motion sickness symptoms, is that you're able to see much more of a country by river cruising than ocean cruising. You're able to see multiple countries, but also multiple cities within those countries. And it's not just city centers, you're seeing the countryside by the river--swans, mistletoe, castles, fishermen shacks, grape vines; so many unique elements you get to experience as you sail through the countries.

This is why river cruises win the showdown for me. Plus, the convenience of the river cruise lines being able to bring both local and authentic ingredients and entertainment onboard :)

Would the river cruise win in your showdown? Let me know! I'd love to know what one of your bucket list river cruise itineraries is, as well.

Happy Travels,


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