Do you suffer from this when cruising too?

Now are you like me when cruising, and do you get motion sickness also? Thankfully, I have never been physically sick (at sea), but I have gotten pretty dizzy onboard. I actually think my motion sickness is worse by car travel, than being on a ship. Despite my motion sickness, I have been on 20+ cruises in my life because I love the experience and won't let anything get between me and the sea! Here's a couple of the remedies that have personally helped me combat the motion while at sea:

**Disclaimer: Please make sure to consult with your medical professional regarding these remedies. These are things that have personally worked for me from past experience, but I am not a doctor**

1. Over-the-counter meds- I have tried Dramamine and Bonine in the past and both have worked. Dramamine definitely got me soooo drowsy, though. As I started learning more about holistic health, I ditched these methods, though.

2. Ginger- I'm about to sound like Forrest Gump now: ginger ale, ginger chews, ginger oil, ginger pills, etc. Get you some ginger! Ginger works wonders for me--in lieu of the otc meds, I take ginger just before the ship heads out on embarkation day. I also take some form of ginger if I'm starting to get dizzy (the chews and essential oil behind my ear work best).

3. Sea bands- I discovered sea bands at a drug store a couple years, and they are now a "must have" for me. I cannot travel anywhere without them because they are great for car rides also. They work similar to acupuncture; you have a pressure point in your wrist that helps alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness. They are not stylish at all, but I'm okay with that as long as I'm able to have a great time onboard sans the nausea.

4. Green apples- Now this one I haven't used, but my last cruise I did hoard green apples as a precaution in my backpack lol! It has to be green apples, not red or yellow, because green apple skin has pectin. The pectin is the chemical that helps alleviate the nausea from motion sickness. Also, I know you probably won't want to eat anything while you're feeling the symptoms (I was the same way), but you have to. You don't want the stomach acid to keep sloshing around by itself--it will only mak

e things worse. Also also, make sure to keep hydrated to help avoid the symptoms.

Bonus Tip! If you do suffer from motion sickness, please let me know when I'm booking your cabins. I will be sure to move your cabin to a lower deck and mid-ship, as this area is the most stable from motion.

Bonus Tip x2! Ship size does matter--the larger the ship, the less motion you feel. I don't know what the science is, but I do know that because larger ships tend to be newer, they have all the latest technology to stabilize the ship from motion better than smaller/older ships.

Bonus Tip x3! Take a river cruise--you will definitely not be feeling any motion of the ocean on a river. It is a much smoother sailing experience and you are closer to the major city centers.

Ok, stepping off my motion sickness soap box now. Just know, it is combat-able, and having it shouldn't hold you back from experiencing the riches of the world--I certainly won't let it.

Happy Travels,


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