I bet you wish your company did this! (Part 2)

Now last week I included an interview I had with Mr. Ryan Schram, regarding corporate retreats at sea. As promised, this week, I wanted to show you in photos, how exactly a corporate retreat can work. I'm kicking myself, though, as I forgot to take pictures during the CEO's Keynote Speech, but you will see photos of the opening event, as well as breakout sessions.

Opening Session

The Opening Session was held in the ship's nightclub. This is a very informal event with minimum education and maximum fun. All events start with a quick ice breaker and this one ends with scavenger hunt around the ship to help everyone get their bearings.

The Breakout Sessions

The Breakout Sessions were held in one of the main lounges, as well as the bar you see above. The group had some sessions all together, while these sessions above were broken up into smaller groups.

While I do not come up with the content of the retreat, I do help companies to put everything together by coordinating both sleeping rooms and meeting space. I also sail with my corporate groups, to ensure all the details come together as planned. This also helps the companies stayed more focused on the execution of their content.

So ta-da! There is your very inside look to corporate retreats at sea. Now you are equipped to convince your boss to have your next retreat at sea vs land. And if you need any help, I'd be more than happy to discuss the possibility with them.

Happy Travels,


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