New Year, New TRAVEL You!

Now, I'm not a huge resolution-maker, but I have learned from some extremely smart mentors to sit down each year to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Here are just a couple of suggestions for you to think over before another year gets away from us:

1. Historically, the busiest month of the year for travel advisors is January because families and friends get together over the holidays and discuss their travel dreams for the upcoming year. Have you thought about it yet? I'm here to help you weed through your choices and save you tons of time researching on the internet! If I haven't been there myself, I know someone who has, and have direct lines to people who can add value and extra amenities...we are trained to cut through the slick advertising and fake reviews so that your dream vacation doesn't turn into a nightmare. After all, there is a good reason why the people in those commercials always look so relieved when they walk into a nice hotel room! Don't leave something so important to chance!

2. It is proven that travel builds and strengthens family bonds like no other experience! I've heard that experiencing a foreign country with your kids is worth more than any class at school (and as a solo adult traveler, I can definitely attest to that!). We all laugh about some of the sticky situations (like when my friend and I got lost on St. Thomas driving in our rental) and crazy moments (like the time we danced around the parking lot of my friend's wedding hotel in Tunisia) that have happened to us along the way...but the most important thing is that we will remember those stories.

Whatever your resolutions, I look forward to spending the new year here every week with you. I truly appreciate your interest, support, and referrals.

Happy Travels!


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