Meet Rita Perez, Your Cruise Retreat Specialist


I didn’t know quite what I was in for when I traveled across the Atlantic back in 2010, for the wedding of one of my best friends in Tunisia.  But over the next couple of days, my friends showed me what hospitality is really all about.


We landed in Tunisia and were immediately immersed in the culture, as my friend’s soon-to-be husband took us to a local pizzeria and treated us to their specialty, tuna pizza.  In the next days of our trip we indulged ourselves in the hammam, traversed the many historical ruins of the UNESCO site of Carthage, and ate and drank sweet bambalouni with authentic tea sprinkled with pine nuts in Sidi Bou Said.


It was the bonds that grew between us and our new Tunisian family, through these enriching experiences, that helped to fill a part of my soul.  


Friends who become family; strangers who become friends—this is what group travel is all about.


Since then, that experience has inspired me to become a group travel expert and help you and your group bond deeper than ever.  Whether it’s a friend or family group, a group that shares a common bond already such as culinary or crafting, or even corporate retreats or company-sponsored travel events, I have the knowledge to get all the details prepared before you leave.


My commitment to you:  To delight your group through rich travel experiences, where they can make deeper connections with each other throughout the journey.  


Ready to foster new bonds on your next group trip, whether it’s on the glittering oceans in the new world or through the charming rivers of the historic old world?


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